Heating halls and storage areas with gas radiators is one of the most effective methods.

Tubular gas heater SBT  is a completely new, innovative and cheap heating product. It is characterized by  high radiation efficiency  and  low gas consumption . The radiator allows to  significantly reduce the  installation costs compared to other heating systems.

The tubular radiator burner is equipped with a  blower fan  and  a gas-air mixing system  located inside the burner. It creates a long, laminar flame inside the radiating tube made of  aluminized steel . The generated heat heats the tubes of the radiator to a high temperature (about 530 ° C.). Radiant heating consists in the  transfer of heat  from a heated radiator to bodies with a lower temperature. The flue gas is discharged through the  chimney  at the beginning of the device. Element for  reflecting radiation  in a desired direction a  headlamp made of stainless steel and mounted above the radiator tubes with special hinges. In this way, the  maximum amount of heat  is transferred to where it is needed.

thermostat  with a weekly programmer in a box with IP65 certification can be connected to the SBT heater  . The driver can be purchased in our online store.