The GH wall gas heater with a closed combustion chamber and flue gas discharge to the outside  is powered by natural gas or liquefied propane-butane gas. Wall gas blowers are used in many places such as: industrial halls, churches, workshops, large logistic halls, wedding houses. They are attached to the walls with  metal brackets . Thanks to the adjustable blades, you can direct the stream of warm air downwards. The fan forces the air to move and there is a rapid heat exchange between the heat exchanger and the air. Warm air quickly spreads through the hall and is mixed with cold air. Gas heaters are best suited for rooms up to 4 meters high. Above this height, gas heaters are a more economical solution . Why are heaters best for rooms up to 4 meters high? Because at a height of more than 4 meters, heating with gas radiators is more economical than heating with gas wall heaters. Thermal comfort depends on the air temperature and the temperature of the partitions. In order to achieve the same thermal comfort with gas heaters as in the case of gas heaters, it is enough to heat the air by a few degrees C less than in the case of gas heaters. This means gas savings during the heating season.

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