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Gas heater with flue gas discharge – device power selection

The selection of the gas heater should be made on the basis of the energy balance of the building to be heated. For estimation purposes, it can be assumed that about 60 W / m 3 is needed in a moderately insulated building The selection of a gas heater should be made by an experienced specialist.

Example : An industrial hall is 12×36 m and 4 m high. The cubature is V = 12x36x4 = 1728 m 3  . So we should install heaters with a capacity of 1728 x 60 = 103 680 W = 103.68 kW. We select 3 heaters for the above hall, two with a capacity of  45 kW GH0845  and one with a capacity of  25 kW GH0825 , 117 kW in total.

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