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What is a thermostat?

A stove thermostat is a device whose main task is to maintain the set temperature. Most often they are the main controller of the device’s operation. They are used wherever it is necessary to heat or cool to a specific temperature. It is an active device. The room thermostat controls the gas heater to control the room temperature efficiently and precisely. This blog will cover radiator thermostats, sensor thermostats, Wi-Fi thermostats, mechanical and electronic.

Principle of operation

The thermostats work by turning on / off or, less frequently, controlling the gas flow to the gas heater burner. They connect to the gas heater by wire or wireless. The thermostat works with its controller connected to the gas heater.


The most important element of any stove thermostat is the temperature sensor. There may be several such sensors in the thermostat. In mechanical thermostats it is thermobimetal. It works on the principle of thermal expansion of metals. It’s an ambient temperature sensor. Briefly informs the valve in the gas heater if gas should be supplied. The electronic thermostat is made of a thermistor. It is a type of temperature sensor that produces electricity under the influence of temperature. This current gives the signal to the gas valve.

To improve the comfort of using gas convectors, radiator thermostats are equipped with an additional element. It also reads the ambient temperature and additionally heats the main temperature sensor slightly. The result is a reduction in temperature fluctuations and an efficient operation of the gas heater.

thermostat on the stove
Mechanical thermostat, which is found in most of the gas convectors offered


Our store offers a wide selection of  thermostats . We have mechanical ,  electronic,  wired and wireless thermostats  . The stove thermostats are made by the Hungarian manufacturer COMPUTHERM. We can help you choose the best solution. All offered thermostats fit all gas stoves available at  www.piecykigazowe.com.pl

Types of gas heater control

stove control

Mechanical radiator thermostats  – this is the easiest way to control the operation of a gas cylinder heater . The control is carried out by a knob with a smooth seven-step adjustment in the range of 13 ° C-30 ° C. A room temperature sensor (a copper insert containing an expanding liquid connected to the thermostat via a capillary tube) is installed in the stove thermostat. When the sensor detects that the room temperature is close to the set temperature on the thermostat, it will turn off the burner.

“KonvekPro” with a programmable radiator thermostat  – more efficient control of the gas heater. “KonvekPro” is the controller that directly controls the operation of the gas heater. It receives information from a programmable thermostat, which sets the temperature and hours of operation of the stove. Depending on the needs, “KonvekPro” heats the thermostat sensor in the gas convector, which closes or limits the gas supply to the burner. This allows us to save gas, and more conveniently to use the stove. The whole set of “KonvekPro” and programmable thermostat is easy to install, you can do it yourself. It can be used to modernize a gas convector purchased in our store and an already owned gas heater.

“KonvekPro” together with a programmable Wi-Fi room thermostat  – even more efficient control of the gas heater. The Wi-Fi room thermostat allows you to control the stove from anywhere. “KonvekPro” is the controller that directly controls the operation of the gas heater. It receives information from a programmable thermostat, which sets the temperature and hours of operation of the stove. The gas convector work schedule is set daily or weekly. In this case, we can choose to set the schedule via the phone application and via the thermostat control panel.

For each of the following thermostats,  in addition to the TR-10 and Q3,  you need to buy a ” KonvekPro” controller .

  1. TR-010 Mechanical Thermostat  – Conventional wall-mounted mechanical thermostat. The temperature is regulated between + 10 ° C and + 30 ° C. It increases the comfort because you do not have to approach the gas heater every time.
  2. COMPUTHERM T30  – digital room thermostat, has a more accurate temperature measurement and control than mechanical thermostats. It can be connected to gas heaters, air conditioners or gas boilers. The temperature is regulated in the range of + 5 ° C – + 30 ° C.
  3. COMPUTHERM Q3  – another digital stove thermostat. Two temperatures can be set. One “comfortable”, that is the one in which we would like to stay, and “economic”, that is, the minimum room temperature. The temperature is regulated between + 5 ° C and + 40 ° C.
  4. COMPUTHERM Q7  – this is where the programmable thermostats begin. We can set the temperature for each day separately, assign up to 6 switching points (these are successive times of the day with a different temperature). Such a multitude of settings allows you to effectively set the gas heater and save gas. The temperature is regulated between + 5 ° C and + 40 ° C.
  5. COMPUTHERM Q7RF  – This is an improved Q7 thermostat. It has a radio transmitter. The thermostat can be placed anywhere in the building (up to 50 meters from the receiver). The temperature is regulated between + 5 ° C and + 40 ° C.
  6. COMPUTHERM B300 Wi-Fi  – technological leap in thermostats. This time we have a Wi-Fi connection. It is a thermostat programmable via a device connected to the Internet. This allows you to control the gas heater from a completely different place. In this version, the temperature sensor is wired. The temperature is regulated in the range -55 ° C – + 100 ° C.
  7. COMPUTHERM B300RF  is an improved version of the B300 thermostat. Wi-Fi thermostat with wireless temperature measurement. Wireless temperature measurement up to a distance of 250 meters.
  8. COMPUTHERM E280 Wi-Fi  – it is a programmable Wi-Fi thermostat suitable for gas stoves and air conditioning. Wi-Fi thermostat is mounted under the plaster. The temperature is regulated in the range of + 5 ° C – + 99 ° C.
  9. COMPUTHERM E300 Wi-Fi  – This is an elegant looking programmable Wi-Fi thermostat. It is a model higher than the E280. This Wi-Fi Thermostat is also flush-mounted, has the functions of all of the above thermostats and can control two different gas heaters. It has a glass pane. The temperature is regulated in the range of + 5 ° C – + 99 ° C.
  10. COMPUTHERM E400RF  – is the highest model of Wi-Fi thermostat available in our offer. It is completely wireless, the control panel is touchscreen. It has two units – a receiver that controls the stove and a transmitter, i.e. a thermostat. Radio programmable thermostat.

All Wi-Fi and mechanical thermostats fit:

  • Gas stoves for cylinders
  • gas boilers
  • CO boilers
  • air conditioning
  • gas convectors

If you have any questions, please contact our employees at  +48 41 362 40 26 .

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