Asphalt roads, surface, infrastructure.

Asphalt is an inseparable and permanent element of road surfaces.It is from there that part of the road infrastructure is created.We can find it in almost every road, street, pavement or parking lot. Each pavement containing asphalt mix is ​​classified according to construction, deformability, load bearing capacity and the type of materials used for the driving layer.

Due to deformability, surfaces can be divided into: flexible, semi-rigid and stiff. Flexible and stiff are the most popular in Europe. All of the above-mentioned require attention and proper maintenance. Negligence can lead to damage.

Holes in the asphalt, problems with surfaces.

From year to year, many factors contribute to the asphalt destruction process. Some of them significantly affect their condition. As a result of a huge load, weather conditions or as a result of poorly performed dehydration  or even normal use, defects appear in the pavement. Asphalt pavements, despite their perfect performance, can also deteriorate over time. The destruction process will evolve. At the beginning, there will be small defects on it, which later will start to get worse.

cracking asphalt
Asphalt before repair
repaired asphalt
Asphalt after repairing

In the first stage of destruction, small cracks will appear, which over time turn into larger cavities, and then holes until they finally become craters. Reacting quickly at the beginning of the destruction process will save a lot. When the first symptoms are neglected, the subsequent repair may cost us a lot.

Asphalt repair with a radiator.

Today’s technologies offer a lot of different and effective solutions, but one of the simpler and less expensive ones is the use of radiation for repairs in the first stages of destruction. One of such devices is a product of a Polish company from the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship. It offers an infrared heater called AGRH-16. The mobile device is able to heat and plasticize the asphalt again. It perfectly connects joints on road surfaces.

Minor road repairs are the perfect way to use this device. One of the advantages is that it can operate at low air temperatures. Thanks to this, they can be used both in summer and winter. With larger defects, e.g. holes in the asphalt, it is possible to connect two asphalt heaters.

 This makes it much easier to work on larger surfaces. Using the infrared radiation, the device heats the surface to the right temperature, so there is no need to use additional tools such as an asphalt saw, a jackhammer, etc. The built-in thermostat allows you to adjust the temperature from 100 ° to 340 °. Thanks to the flexible dimensions, the device can be easily transported in small delivery vehicles.

Technical specyfication:

  • Type of gas: Propan-Butan   
  • Power: 25kW
  • Use of gas: 1,7kg/h
  • Working presure:37 mbar
  • Weight: 55kg, shipment weight 70 kg
  • Dimention [height/width/depth]:
  • 900mm/590mm/1650mm 

How to operate the heater?

The product is available from the manufacturer and main distributor.