The gas stove with flue gas discharge  is powered by natural gas, propane or propane-butane (LPG). After firing and setting the heating level (1-7), the stove heats the room to the temperature corresponding to the given level (temperature between 13-30 ° C) . When it reaches temperature, the large burner automatically shuts off and only the candle flame is ignited. Gas consumption is minimal then, but you don’t have to fire the stove again when the temperature starts to drop; it will happen automatically. Each stove has an electronic igniter with 1 AA 1.5V batteries, so there is no need to connect it to the electrical network.

gas stove with flue gas discharge

Some models are equipped with a fan, thanks to which the heat is distributed faster around the room. These models require a network connection. 

Gas heater with flue gas discharge to the outside